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My email inbox has been flooded by a massive number of press releases for Earth Hour – Special candle-lit dinners, special Happy Earth Hour celebrations and so on. Hotels appear to be very keen on being a part of this initiative. After all, it is for a good cause and I’m sure that they feel that it would be shame not to join in. Jamie Fox has joined in, as have Miranda Kerr and even Spiderman. (Spiderman is the first Earth Hour’s superhero ambassador)

Earth hour has done an excellent job in being a voice that inspires people to create a better world. Earth Hour Australia brings a global voice to drive actions to save the Great Barrier Reef, WWF-China’s Blue Sky campaign engaged tens of millions of people, crowdsourcing solutions to air pollution and Earth Hour Blue project from WWF-Nepal ‘A Flame Called Hope’ raised USD$12,626 to install bio-gas stoves which will reduce deforestation [1] These are just a few examples of the achievements of Earth Hour in Asia alone.

It’s important to remember however that what you do before and after Earth hour is just as, if not more important. Hotels usually ask guests to conserve water and energy by reusing the towels and bed sheets. Yes, it may save costs but how many guests cooperate and how do you measure it?

Taking it a step further are hotels like the X2 River Kwai hotel. It is designed and built on ‘3R Fundamentals’: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The OSB and Joint Rubber wood boards (which are planted for commercial usage and recyclable) are used extensively in this project, as so are other abandoned industrial materials. Instead of just decreasing damage to the earth, X2 River Kwai actually plans ahead to stop the bleeding.

At The Alila Soori Resort Bali, water efficiency is one of their focuses. To cut down on water wastage, the resort utilises a potable water supply that ensures that no island groundwater is unnecessarily used for resort construction and operations. Rainwater is harvested from roof areas and stored in rainwater tanks. A hydro-pneumatic system with booster pump is installed to enable uniform water pressure throughout the resort. The Alila Soori Resort also earned two certifications from Earthcheck for building, planning & design standards and for environmental practices between 2012-2014[2].

As a part of the industry and on behalf of our planet earth, I’d like to take part of being a voice to help raise awareness and help the planet. There are a lot of hotels that are doing great projects for this cause that we do not know about, and we at want to hear from you and we’d like to share your story with other fellow hoteliers, investors and your guests.