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Has your hotel been flooded by cupcakes and macarons for quite sometime now? Are you looking for something that suits everyone? You know – something that the ladies love and that are also not too ‘girly’ for men? If you’re looking for a good substitute, whatever it is shouldn’t require cutlery and it should be simple to make. May I introduce you to our old friend ‘The Donut’.

After the success of the American TV show ‘Donut Showdown’, a lot of us have turned away from Cupcakes Wars and paid more attention to this ‘oldie but goodie’ dessert. Donuts take less time to make than both cupcakes and macarons. They take less ingredients and don’t necessarily need to be eaten in formal surroundings.

In the world of hotels now, the donut is making a comeback and has become a star performer for grab and go outlets. Guests can grab a donut with a coffee to go and be on their way. The fact that donuts, unlike their cupcake counterparts, can be marketed just fine without having pink, red, yellow or shimmering frosting, which makes them instantly more attractive with the more testosterone laden guests and also will be a much more manageable and cleaner eat for kids.

You can make donuts healthier by including wholewheat flour, organic wild honey, organic grains and gluten free flavors.

Walking around many cities now, you can find several famous cupcake brands and macarons selling outside of hotels, giving them a much more ‘ho-hum’ air now compared to the novelty feel that they had attached to them a few years back.

Really good donuts on the other hand are much harder to find. Hotels can put that same creativity that they used in making their specialty cupcakes and macarons into re-inventing the donut and get an edge on their competition.