We all love to be indulged and pampered in a luxury spa with high quality products, but finding a really good one can be hard, especially when there are just so many of them. We’d like to know which hotels can offer something truly different when it comes to spas and wellness, so Hotel will be your volunteer to find out.

The Peninsula Spa: The True Meaning of Wellness

We have heard a lot about ‘wellness’ but what does it really mean? According to Jitrawan Phrueksasri, Director of The Peninsula Spa, “wellness is a state of optimal well-being that is oriented toward maximizing an individual’s potential. It is a life-long process of moving towards enhancing your physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental well-being.

This is why The Peninsula Spa has created ‘Time’, which is a signature spa treatment that is carefully tailored to your requests based on the treatments that are most suitable for your condition and how you’d like to feel afterwards. After all, every individual has different issues and concerns that need special care and attention. The treatment usually starts with feet cleansing, followed by a body massage with hot volcanic stones, facial cleansing and facial massage, and ends with an acupressure head massage.

Result Driven by a Clinical Approach

Choosing a renowned product is one thing but choosing a trusted product which is scientifically proven through a clinical approach is another. Skin, especially around the face, can be very sensitive for a lot of people and this is why The Peninsula Spa decided to use Biologique Recherche, which is a range of skincare products created by a doctor, a biologist and a physiotherapist who combined their expertise in customized skincare.

Our PR staff member, Namwan, tried the VIP O2 Oxygen facial remodeling program. It started out with facial cleansing followed by a facial massage using a special machine designed for this kind of facial treatment. The massage technique, combined with the effects of the electronic stimulation face-lift machine from Biologique Recherche truly works wonders. Namwan loved the results when she saw her rejuvenated face and felt how firm it had become.

A Day in a Suite

If you plan to spend a day here, I would suggest you go for The Peninsula Spa Suite where you could take full advantage of the facilities. Sit back and relax in a Jacuzzi and lay eyes on the Chao Phraya River view, or clear your mind (and pores) in a steam room. Unlike other spa suites, The Peninsula Spa suite is spacious and bright with natural light, so you don’t feel like you’ve been put into a box. This is perfect for someone living a city life (like myself for instance).


We love the VIP O2 Oxygen facial remodeling because it’s easy to notice the result. The spa building is separated from the hotel so it gives you more of a feeling of privacy. It is a well decorated and quiet spa, with nobody sitting around waiting for the rooms. It almost feels like you have the whole place to yourself.

If you plan to pay a visit, I suggest you take a day or a half day off and spend it in The Peninsula Spa Suite..