The most valuable audience is the one you already have a connection with. While Facebook has nearly 1.8 billion users each month and Instagram has 500 million users each month, you want to make sure you send your message across to the right audience and not just whoever.

Facebook Blueprint has a course that can teach you about how to target your audiences effectively. The course takes 15 minutes and it is free. Every marketing person has that 15 minutes to spare. But, if you don’t here are some tips we have learned ;

  • Providing more data (Ex. first name, last name, zip code, city, state, etc.) can increase match rates for your Custom Audience. Increased match rates help to improve your targeting, optimization, and measurement.
  • Build Custom Audience segments based on where your customers are in the funnel. you can target new customers with educational messaging to learn more about your brand, while high-value customers receive targeted messaging tailored to their needs.
    Why is this important? A recent Facebook study discovered that as your customers move through the funnel, sequenced marketing messaging could improve the results that matter to your campaign or brand.
  • Don’t pay for unwanted impressions, clicks, or conversions in your customer acquisition campaign. You can exclude your current customers from your campaign to ensure your messaging is on target.
  • Use Custom Audiences from a data file to complement your next direct-mail campaign. Reach those who don’t open an email, or amplify your direct mail message by reinforcing it within your audience on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Find your customers before they search for you. Use Custom Audiences from your website or mobile app to uncover intent earlier in the purchase funnel to maximize search spend.
  • Implement the Facebook pixel on your website and/or the Facebook SDK in your mobile app to target people based on intent. You can also add additional rules — like frequency, recency, time spent — to build Custom Audiences of people with stronger intent signals.
  • Use quality data to build your Custom Audiences. If your contacts were entered many years ago and haven’t been updated it’s likely that their contact information is out of date.

Facebook shows that by using custom Audiences, their clients reached more targeted audiences. Samsung created a video campaign that attracted almost 2,000 new customers for the launch of its stylish and technologically advanced Galaxy S6 smartphone and found 6.7% increase in new customers, and 4.9X return on ad investment.

Facebook Ad isn’t complicated at all. You just need to learn about it from Facebook itself.