Five-star resort brand CrossTo has hit the ocean, with the introduction of CrossTo Yacht and Boat Charters. Launched at the Ocean Marina Yacht club, Pattaya and part of the CrossTo luxury lifestyle collection, the Yacht Charter service is a result of the brand’s wide acceptance as it continues to develop and expand in Asia. CrossTo Yacht Charter services are currently offered in Pattaya, Phuket, Bangkok, stunning Koh Samui, and soon, exotic Bali.

Anthony McDonald – Founder and Creator of the CrossTo brand said that – “with CrossTo gaining momentum in the Luxury Resort and Branded Residence sector, we have decided to branch out as the ethos of our brand extends into all aspects of Luxury. It isn’t often that one sees a Resort company branching out, it usually works the other way round but with the team that we have built up and the amount of energy that is within the brand, you can be sure to see a lot more CrossTo extensions being introduced into the marketplace.”
With a fleet that is 40-strong, CrossTo’s Yacht and Boat Charter service specializes in special occasions, corporate team building, birthday parties, celebrations, on-the-ocean weddings, deep-sea fishing, island tours, speedboat charters — sailing and boating has been in CrossTo’s management blood since the very beginning, having been a childhood passion of our founder. The launch of CrossTo’s Yacht and Boat Charter service marks the start of a successful foray into further concierge services, asserting the brand’s claim to unforgettable experiences that center around design, simplicity, lifestyle, and luxury, ensuring privacy without isolation.

Yacht and boat charters range from half- to full-day services and can be tailored to each client’s needs, whether it be fishing, team-building, relaxation, or a romantic getaway. Most programs are fully crewed, with catered food and beverages, water sports, and activities, ensuring that guests enjoy themselves on the azure, open sea, experiencing its beauty and majesty to the fullest extent.

Along with the launch of the charter services comes the introduction of a corporate team-building special. For the price of 65,000 THB, 10 people will board a luxurious yacht for a day of adventure on the ocean, where they will feel the rush of the sea air as they learn the basics of yachting. Through team-building exercises, they will learn to work together to combat the ocean, with the day culminating in a race back to shore or a “Take the Helm” game, which will see each participant attempt to “steal” the boat and navigate the crew back to shore.