Would guests want their every need to be met at the expense of their privacy? Recently, Le Club AccorHotels loyalty program has just launched Seeker, the latest innovation that measures biometric reactions and potential guests’ behaviors to detect travel preferences.

Le Club AccorHotels has developed Seeker in partnership with Toronto-based agency Cossette and The Mill. The groundbreaking assessment providers subscribers access to deeper insights into what customers desire in a travel experience.

The Seeker Project started with an in-person installation discovery which gathered a group of leaders and influencers in an interactive sensory experience, measuring their behavioral activities and biometric responses. The result provided a personality profile revealing both their conscious and subconscious preferences.

Starting from October 7, 2018, travelers from all over the world can discover their “true” desires online at SeekerProject.com. The Seeker experience will be brought to life via a timed sorter test inspired by the Harvard Bias Test and a desktop webcam measuring heart rate. Participants will then receive a personalized travel profile that informs them on destinations that perfectly match their travel affinities. So, is compromising privacy for comfort worth a try?