When a guest complains that the weather is too hot, what are you options? Think about it for a second. You can’t tell them “I told you so”, nor can you say “Here’s a fan, flap it in your face”.  There is nothing you can do.  

We have discovered an appropriate and effective solution – a ‘Portable Air-Conditioner’ under the name ‘Geizeer’ – an eco-friendly, portable air-conditioning system that uses a combination of ice and refrigerant mixture. Their website states that:

“The cooling capacity of Geizeer is about 3 Celsius degrees for a very well insulated room of 12 square meters. In fact, using it for the duration of 24 hours will have an economic consumption of 1 cents. The cooling elements previously frozen, containing mixture gels, has a duration of about 4 hours and can be reused.”

It is very easy to use. Before you hand it to a guest, just put an ice pack in, turn it on, and it will keep cool for four hours. It’s sufficient to cool a room of about 12 square meters. You can even have it in your beach bar, or a small outdoor Food & Beverage outlet.

It is well designed and very small (134mm x 144mm) and is made of wood. Wood was chosen because of the exceptional thermal characteristics. In fact, at a microscopic level, wood absorbs moisture easily and is a perfect thermal insulator.

Geizeer’s interior will remain cold and insulated from external heat in the environment thanks to its low conductivity and thermal capacity. It means that you’ll get a much more efficient rate of energy consumption and longer life-span for each ice pack.

It won’t do the full job of a traditional Air-Conditioning unit, and your beach bar is not going to turn into the north-pole, but it will keep your guests cool and keep them comfortable and smiling.  It could even be a branded take-home souvenir in tropical resorts with a lot of outdoor activities.

One of the testers said “It’s a beautifully designed object to keep at home, and it keeps you cool even on the hottest days without the risk of a ‘hot bill’ at the end of each month”.

Geizeer will be out in September, 2016. If you want it by then, pre-order one on their Kickstarter Page for USD$97.

Trust me, it will be worth it. There is nothing more annoying than hotel staff that can’t solve a complaint, and this solution is definitely a winner.