There is a certain kind of hotelier with whom we need to talk. You might be one of them if you’re still operating your hotel without the cloud.

The cloud is everywhere today – the product of billion-dollar investments from tech giants including Google, Amazon, and Microsoft who have established powerful and secure servers all around the globe. As a result, it is now possible for you personally to take advantage by renting the fastest and safest hardware services for your PMS at a fraction of the cost involved in setting up such systems yourself.

This is why the cloud is of critical importance to you, the hotelier. Put simply, it can make organizing your operational activities more convenient than you ever imagined, much less costly, and much more readily accessible. You can keep everything up to date and instantly available across numerous properties in different regions, so that coordinating your business is simplified beyond recognition. How? Well that just needs a little explanation.

First of all, it’s important to know that there isn’t actually a cloud at all – it’s simply the name given to the concept of storing data or software in a remote location where you can access it via the internet. Secondly, you’re probably already using it. If your company uses a system based on Google Apps, including Google Drive or Google Docs, or Microsoft’s online Outlook, then you are already an accomplished user of cloud computing.

Even if you are persuaded that the cloud offers operational advantages, you might still be reluctant to hand over your company’s data to the cloud service providers. The problem is that you have little choice, because the only alternative is to build a server of your own which will increase your operational cost exponentially.

One of the most important benefits of using a cloud-based PMS for your hotel is real-time data sync which helps in making informed decision at the right time. With a cloud PMS, you can access your hotel data anytime, anywhere.

For hoteliers, cloud-based Property Management Systems such as those offered by Hotelogix allow users to collaborate and synchronize their activities over a number of properties across different regions, while simultaneously lowering the costs of infrastructure and hardware. There is simply no better way to achieve the twin goals of centralized and collaborative access and also operational efficiency.

With security and convenience guaranteed, the advantages the cloud can offer mean it’s definitely time for you to embrace the opportunity.

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