Lebanese Food Gourmet Guru Chef Omar has built a reputation for his cuisine in the Middle East and is now the Executive Sous Chef for the Lelawadee Restaurant, Movenpick Hotel Sukhumvit 15, Bangkok. He along with his charisma is leading the team in making some of the most mouthwatering Lebanese dishes in Bangkok.

After graduating from hospitality and culinary college in his hometown in Lebanon, chef Omar has subsequently compiled an impressive resume, building up his career in many top restaurants and hotels. Hotelintel.co has had the opportunity to try his cooking and it was a no-brainer - we needed to have him as our Chef of the Month.

What are the top three go-to ingredients you always have in your home kitchen?

Pomegranate Molasses, Lebanese Sweet Pepper Spice and Cinnamon Sticks

What are the key factors in making great Lebanese food?

As well as having great variety, Lebanese food is considered to be one of the freshest cuisines you can have, so for preparing it in a really great way, we always make sure that our food is 100% freshly prepared a la minute, with a good quality of vegetables, meat, rice and original spices imported from Lebanon.

What are some fun facts about Lebanese cuisine?

Lebanese people love to eat bread, and a meal without bread will never make you feel full. You can even sometimes see some people having their pasta meals with bread - so good, fluffy breads are the key.

What drinks do you suggest people have with Lebanese food?

Firstly, Arak is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks based on Anis to serve with Lebanese food such as mezze, BBQ and Seafood. Secondly, Lebanese wine has its own great special taste as it 100% prepared in Lebanon from Lebanese grapes. Our two main wineries are Kefraya and Ksara which produce mainly Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Do you incorporate any CSR in your cooking?

Yes, we have our own vegetable garden in our property. Vegetables go from garden to kitchen to plate on the same day, and our jasmine rice is from a small community of farmers in Northeast of Thailand.

What are your rules for the kitchen?

My Kitchen rules are:
If you empty it - Fill it;
If you dirty it - Clean it;
If you spill it - Wipe it up;
If you open it - Close it;
If you cook it - Share it;

Meet Chef Omar at Lelawadee restaurant from 11am until late night. Our recommended dishes are Hummus + beef, Mixed Grill and Baba Ganoush.