Parisian born Florian Couteau has been in the kitchen baking pastry since he was 15 years old. After his initial intensive training from one of France's leading professional training schools 'Ferrandi', Chef Florian continued to land jobs with luxury properties around the world including Hotel Le Maurice in Paris, Le Royal Moncea Ruffles Hotel Paris, Shangri-La, and now the Rosewood Bangkok as Executive Pastry Chef

What makes your food unique?

My focus is on simplicity, making traditional French desserts, delivered to the highest standard with the very best quality of locally sourced ingredients. I love to show my passion for desserts with a focus on the flavor, without any crazy twists.

What are the main challenges for chefs these days and how do you overcome them?

There are many challenges today in our career that ultimately revolve around time, pressure and stress. When we work for a luxury company, hotel or fine dining establishment, our guests' expectations are really high and continue to challenge us to strive for higher results and raise the bar. To achieve this success it's about having a great team. We need to invest in their training, supervise and support all the teams, provide the best advice to our associates so that we can guide them and make all of them feel safe to develop their skills and creativity.

How do you keep up with your competitors?

Each brand, company, or even chef has their own style, own identity, and design. My focus is solely on owning operations which is the key to success.

What is your CSR initiative for your kitchen?

My CSR focus is always to contribute to the local economy and its development by sourcing ingredients using local suppliers. Sourcing local products minimises wastage and the environmental impact of the logistics of bringing things into Thailand.

What do you want to see more in hotels culinary scene?

Similar to the approach we had in opening the Rosewood Hotel Bangkok, we are building the very best culinary team. We have a team of great associates who are professional and motivated, and who have a clear sense of responsibility. I would like to see a greater focus on training in the hotel industry to elevate the results for all hotel culinary operations.

What is the future of hotel dining? What is the next big thing for hotel dining?

I believe the responsibility to shift the focus onto climate change is the next big step. Customers will use this knowledge to make sound decisions on where they dine and what they eat. There will be an even bigger importance put on using local products, seasonal products and reducing all imported products. This is key to reducing our environmental impact.