“I always aim to make every dish the best I’ve done ever, so it is hard to pick favourites. I leave that to the guests. My part is to bring something new to the table that diners will love and respect. And what I need to do that is to love every moment of the creative process, which I do.” said Roxanne Lange, Chef de Cuisine at the award-winning French restaurant, “The Reflexions” at The Plaza Athenee a luxury collection hotel of Bangkok.

She worked with Michelin star chef Henk Savelberg as the much admired Sous Chef at Savelberg Bangkok. Her previous posting was with Crème Crue in Rijswijk, Holland, as Junior Sous Chef. Before that she was with Restaurant FG in Rotterdam, Holland, before that with Restaurant Hermitage in Rijsoord Holland, and before that with De Harmonie, in Rotterdam Holland. Earlier, she apprenticed at le vieus jean, zalmhuis, the Hilton Hotel Rotterrdam.

What are your Top 3 ingredients in your home kitchen?

If I eat at home, I usually eat a big salad filled with fresh vegetables so my top 3 ingredients are good extra virgin olive oil, maldon salt, and 10-year-old balsamic vinegar.

What are the challenges for fine dining today?

Always find new ways and be more creative. Be different.

What is the future for the Hotel Fine Dining scene?

With the arrival of the Michelin Guide in Bangkok there are more foodies coming to town, they sleep in the hotels and eat in the restaurants.
I believe the future for fine dining in hotels is only getting stronger.

Being in this area where there are some strong competitors, how do you differentiate yourself?

Be yourself, I cook from the heart. Many of my dishes are inspired by memories of my childhood, my travels, and work experience. Which makes it unique.

What makes people want to come to Reflexions and not other places?

Reflexions is an institution in Bangkok with a long history for quality and innovation. Throughout the years we have been elevating the service levels and food quality and this has been recognized with the recent Michelin plate award.

We offer ultra-modern and savvy interpretations of French cuisine which are not available anywhere else in Bangkok. I use classical French cooking techniques, while making use of a selection of Asian flavors and local sustainable ingredients to create a gastronomic journey for diners inspired by my childhood memories from Holland.

What is your CSR initiative for your kitchen?

I really believe that we as chefs need to set an example. We use a lot of ingredients and we should focus on making the world a better place. As chefs we can do that by using sustainable products, developing our team, and teaching our guests.

I am trying to make my menu sustainable. It is difficult and there is still a long way to go but I believe it is the right way.

What’s the biggest misconception about fine dining?

That it is expensive: in Bangkok it is most of the time very good value for money.