Jonathan David Bruell is the Executive Chief of The Naka Island, Phuket – A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, PhuketChef Bruell brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience from his 35 years in the industry and will lend his culinary expertise to ensure that every stay at The Naka Island, Phuket is an enriching and authentic experience of the senses. 

“A perfect combination of Phuket produce with the authentic Thai cuisine, creating a culinary experience specific to The Naka Island, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Phuket is my mission to implement”  stated by Chef Bruell as a mission for all guests at The Naka Island, Phuket.

What are the top 3 ingredients you always have in your home kitchen?

Cheese, eggs, wine.

What is your favorite season to cook?

Summer. The time to cook fresh, light food, using fresh seafood from Andaman Sea and freshly grown local herbs and vegetables.

What was the first meal you ever cooked by yourself? How was it?

The first real dish I made was chocolate brownie from the cook book that I received for my 8th birthday anniversary. I was helping and hanging around the kitchen from an early age. Growing up in Brazil, I got to see many interesting, different ingredients

And how were the brownie  ?

Everybody loved them. I make them to this day.

What are your thoughts on fusion cuisine?

Fusion is not a cuisine but a marriage of different types of cuisines and flavors. I believe when you mix various types of cuisine you have to be careful to keep the balance in the food by not making too many combinations on the plate. Good balance gives good results

As a chef, do you need to be able to work with local flavors?

You need the skill and knowledge of the local products. For example, cold water shellfish and seafood taste better than warm water products but when you use local products you get a better result. If you make Thai chicken green curry, it taste better in Thailand, as if you eat air beef from Switzerland, which taste a lot better in the alps.   

What are your kitchen rules?

The team has to give their best and learn by their mistakes I believe in leading by example and training.  These are important in creating a good team sprit to get the best results. As chefs we still learn every day. Good origination leads to good results.