Canadian born, but with dual UK and Canadian citizenship, Andrew Dickie who speaks both English and ‘functional’ French, joined the Park Hyatt’s Penthouse Bar and Grill in April 2017. Dickie was most recently Stagiaire (trainee) at Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark. Before that, from February 2016 – November 2016, he was Executive Sous Chef at the Four Seasons Hotel Landaa Giravarru, Maldives. Prior to that he was Executive Sous Chef at the Four Seasons Hotel at Lions Palace, St Petersburg, Russia, from July 2014 – Feruary2016.

“Cuisine and culture are two sides of the same coin,” Andrew stated and this is why guests at the Penthouse will get to experience his dishes through his travels and influences from around the world.

What are the top three go-to ingredients you always have in your home kitchen?

Salt, olive oil and dry pasta.

What was the first dish you ever made?

I probably helped my Dad on the BBQ turning steaks, but the first meal I alone cooked would have been Ichiban ramen noodles, Kraft dinner mac ‘n cheese when I was really young. First real food I cooked on my own would have been either a thanksgiving or Christmas meal.

What are your first thoughts when you hear “Asian with a twist ”?

What’s the twist? … Fusion?

Personally, I am not a fan. Fusion has been going on for a long time. It’s early 90s cooking if you ask me. It’s probably just a marketing term.”

What are your Kitchen Rules?

I want my team to walk in happy. If you aren’t happy you can’t produce anything good. I want you to want to come to work on time. Dishes have to be done on time. Service is service and it’s about business. You have to serve it up and make it good.

Do you think people dine out for the ambience?

A lot of people come here (The Penthouse)to the view – It is important. People will go to what’s new and exciting at that moment, but food has to be good so that they will come back. I think who you’re with matters more.”

What is your advice for those who aspire to be a Chef in hotels?

It’s a long road to the top. Don’t get discouraged. Go and work for the best and don’t chase money early in your career, rather chase the experience.