Have your hotel guests ever complained about feeling fatigued or experiencing weight gain or sluggishness at the end of their business trip? Their weight gain or lethargy might now actually have anything to do with the stay in your hotel in particular, but having ideas and addressing them during their stay at your hotel will definitely show that you care.  

The key challenge for business travellers is ‘time’. With a tight schedule and meetings all day long coupled with jet-lag, business lunches, dinner and drinks, your guests hardly have time to sleep, let alone having time to look after themselves and stay healthy.  In these circumstances, as a hotelier, you can help them address their issues by implement the following:

  1. Highlight Healthy Items at Breakfast: They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, true… but what your guests eat also counts. Eating high protein and greasy breakfasts can make your guests feel sluggish if they end up sitting in a meeting room all day.  Hotel buffet breakfasts are already out of the norm for most with various choices including healthy items, but also encouraging indulging with a wide variety of choices. There’s no need to add more items to your breakfast buffet. Rather, you just need to help your guests choose the item wisely and mindfully by highlighting healthy items because in many cases, people have low knowledge on what a healthy breakfast may be. Items such as mixed fruits, yoghurt, boiled eggs and whole grain bread should be flagged as ‘Healthy Item’. Starting their day with the right meal will help set the tone of their working day. You could even work with a local nutritionist to highlight a healthy combination of choices from your buffet or design a menu for A la carte dining.
  2. **Rethink Your Minibar Selection: **How good is your chocolate, chips, soda sale from the minibar? If it’s not great, maybe these items are already easily accessed in a convenience store right outside your hotel. These items are unhealthy if they are consumed every day and they don’t help your guest feel better after eating it other than having sugar high. You could get rid of unhealthy snacks that can be easily bought from the convenience store down the road and replace them with unique healthy snacks such as apple chips, granola bars, mixed nuts, yoghurt, and fruit juice. On some occasions, business travellers crave fresh fruits or vegetables while on the road as it is hard to get. Maybe you can offer a small portion of fruits or vegetable dip as ‘room service snack’ and advertise this offering on top of your minibar selection.
  3. **More Clean and Healthy Items in Room Service Menu: **Staying 1-2 weeks in a hotel and having room service on a regular basis can be daunting. Adding exciting healthy items in room service menu which includes several ‘superfood’ items could help increase overall sales of room service and associates your brand with healthy business travel. Thinking Quinoa salad, Chicken Avocado Salad Wrap, Cauliflower Soup, etc. all these superfood items cannot really be found in a restaurant near by your hotel.  That means that you are increasing the odds of your health conscious guest to choose to have room service, and chill in the hotel room, investing their time and money in you rather than someone else.
  4. Early Morning Workout Express: 30 minutes exercise can give your guests more energy than 30 minutes more sleep. Most hotels already have a fitness center. Instead of letting your guests find their way around the gym on their own, motivate them by offering a 30 minute early morning cardio and functional training workout express class to help them stay in shape. This could give guests the motivation and focus to get that kick-start that can make such a difference.
  5. **Highlight Benefit of Drinking Water: **Most people take drinking water for granted and yet it can be hard to get enough water when staying in the hotel. Keeping the body hydrated has a major impact on overall health because 70% of our body is water. Try to convince your guests to drink more water by advertising the benefit of drinking water together with ‘free bottles’ in the room. Place sufficient amount of water (at least 2 liters per day per person) in the minibar fridge so that your guest can have access to water whenever they want.

By following some or all of these tips, you will not only show your guests you care about their health and wellbeing but associate your brand with healthy minded business travel.