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Absolutely yes‘ said Chef Collin Liang, A Singapore Resident Exclusive Chef at Amara Bangkok. This is why Chef Collin and his team at Amara Bangkok is hosting sparkling wine pairing dinner for guests who like Asian food.

Partner with Lambrini which is the Britain most popular and with its sweet and fruity flavors, Chef Collin prepares a special menu that has a lot of Asian original tastes in it ; Duck with Green Curry, Fish with Red Curry, King Prawn with Spicy and Sour sauce, and Durian Pana cotta.

The best wines for Asian Food that go very well with Asian food are the one that are not too acidic, too dry, with too high level of tannin, given Asian food cooked with a lot of spices already.

There is no rule when it comes to wine pairing. It is a matter of personal reference. One must try and challenge one’s own bud taste.

You have to try which works best for you. This is why Amara Bangkok creates this dinner so you could try and experiment how Asian Food works with Sparkling wine.

The Concept behind Amara Sparkling Wine Dinner on the 19th of August 2016 is to celebrate a fun night for ladies.  ‘Alcohol content and calories count in Lambrini are low, it allows our guests to enjoy food without having to worry about being intoxication and calories intake from alcohol too much. It’s a perfect setting for ladies and also gentlemen who favor a little bit of sweetness in drinks and of course, with good food

There are so many fusion food nowadays and Sparkling wine give the same feeling as white wine but better. So no doubt that our Asian seafood matched well in Lambrini‘ Chef Collin commended.

When asked what is Chef Collin’s favorite pairing? He said the one that he is going to cook for you on the 16th this month.