Securing a positive reputation in the luxury market proves a difficult feat faced by many up and coming brands. At the forefront, new suites of luxury beach resorts are claiming their superior position in the redefinition of luxury itself.
We chat to two hoteliers, Richard Pope, CEO and principle owner of Kata Rocks and a representative of One&Only Resorts to discover exactly what the hype is all about it.

What is your position in the Luxury market?

**Richard Pope, Kata Rocks: **Kata Rocks is the first resort built and managed by Infinite Luxury and is deliberately positioned at the ultra luxury level of the boutique resort market.

One & Only: One&Only Resorts is positioned as an ultra-luxury brand with a hallmark of excellence. Set in some of the most beautiful locales in the world, each award-winning resort offers guests a distinctive style and personality borne of its local culture offering genuine hospitality and a lively energy that is unrivalled.

What’s the ultimate goal for the brand? How are you going to achieve that?

Richard Pope, Kata Rocks: We will be expanding the Infinite Luxury brand further with other high quality resorts and villas that are both developed by us and managed by us.

One&Only: The ultimate goal of the brand is to continue to bring the One&Only Resorts experience to unique destinations around the world not forgetting to capture the essence of the local surrounds. To achieve this, One&Only will continue to enter unique locations and continue to grow in areas that guests want to discover.

What are your brand strengths?

Richard Pope, Kata Rocks: We are already known for delivering high quality developments in fantastic locations with great attention to detail in both the aesthetics and functionality of the design as evidenced by our numerous development awards including being voted “The Best Apartment in the World” at the International Property Awards for Kata Rocks. We are combining this design strength with the highest levels of service, which is being achieved by hiring a very experienced team of hospitality professionals from some of the finest hotels in the world. In brief, we offer the fabulous personalised service offered by the very best boutique hotels delivered in the space of a villa and positioned in stunning locations.

One&Only: The key to One&Only is definitely genuine hospitality provided to every guest. One&Only Resorts aim to ensure that everyone feels like honoured guests. This is warm, genuine service – anticipating their needs.

The location of each resort allows guests to discover the identity, culture and customs of their surroundings; the Arabian mystery of Dubai, the barefoot luxury of the Maldives and Mauritius, the serene beauty of the Caribbean, and the extraordinary drama of the Baja peninsula and southernmost tip of South Africa. Most recently they can discover the awe of the Great Barrier Reef and soon the surrounds of the Blue Mountains, both in Australia.

How do you see luxury market in the next 5 years?

Richard Pope, Kata Rocks: The luxury travel market will continue to grow at the top end as the wealthiest continue to get wealthier and more enter this bracket. With the ease of travel around the world, the aspirational wealthy are also able to enjoy some of the finest destinations such as Kata Rocks for special holidays. For their vacations around the world these groups are looking for memorable and unique experiences and that is what we are delivering at Kata Rocks.

We chatted to Kata Rocks and One and Only to discover if the buz around them is all its stocked up to be.

One&Only: The luxury market is set to continue to grow over the next 5 years without showing any signs of slowing down. Guests continue to look for incredible locations that provide an authentic experience and One&Only provides an ultra-luxury experience for its guests, always trying to innovate on experiences to surprise and delight its guests.

What also continues to evolve in luxury tourism is where people travel to and how; people continue to combine multiple destinations in their travels and demand even more comfortable means of doing so. This is evident from the vast developments in the experiences and services offered, by airlines for example.

In-room technology and the process of booking vacations are also developing at a rapid rate and as a luxury brand, it is essential to remain on top of this. However, it has not to be forgotten, while continuing innovating, One&Only must stay true, warm, authentic service and providing amazing memories for guests. Personalized service is so important, despite the fast-paced element of the digital world.

However, is the buzz around these resorts all they are stocked up to be…

With online reviews taking centrefold in today’s evaluation of service, positivity and satisfaction towards these resorts emanates from platforms such as tripadvisor and Agoda. With 100% in categories such as Sleep Quality, Rooms, Location, Service, Value and Cleanliness, Kata Rocks proves to be a guest favourite. Comments like “spectacular in ever way”, “6 star stunner” and “without doubt, the finest resort I have ever visited” infiltrate the online sphere.

Similarly, One& Only resorts receive overwhelmingly excellent traveller ratings. Approval towards the stunning views, warm hospitality and impeccable design are more then common.

A redefinition of luxury is exemplified in these resorts and even guests agree that perhaps they truly are boasting the best..