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We have noticed several cocktail trends this year; good old-fashioned standard cocktails have made a come back, Asian influenced cocktails using with tea infusions and spices, as well as cocktails with a variety of food added to the beverages. There is one other possible cocktail trend that I discovered that showed up during the London cocktail week – ‘Bi-Polar Cocktails’.

Healthy Hedonism Vs. Indulgence

Unlike bi-polar people, bi-polar cocktails don’t have emotional ups and downs. They do however have somewhat of a personality disorder. Bi-polar cocktails are cocktails that have a contradiction an unhealthy ingredient (alcohol), and other so called super-food or ‘healthful’ ingredients such as brown-sugar, organic leaves or pressed juices.

Instead of using usual mixers, bartenders add ingredients that are recognized as being more beneficial to the drinkers’ health as mixers. Raw honey may replace syrup and fruits and juices that are used will have been sourced from organic farms, added in their organic, non-processed state.

Admittedly, people who drink don’t usually care about the unhealthy ingredients in their drinks, but lately there has been a drinking demographic appearing of people who take their health seriously, but at the same time don’t want to be a wet blanket and realize the need to enjoy a drink or two in social situations. ‘Bi-Polar’ cocktails might just be something they can clutch on to in order to satisfy their opposing lifestyle requirements.

Marketing Regime

Let’s be honest, good stories sell merchandise. Marketers create stories to make our service and product more interesting and more attractive to potential audiences.

‘Eat clean’, ‘stay healthy’, ‘keep fit’, ‘gluten free’ and all the other health conscious catch phrases can and are being applied in the marketing of these bi-polar cocktails. Not all bars are jumping on the bandwagon though.

Julien Reichenbach, Assistant Director of Food & Beverage
The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, said ‘It seems to be a very niche market and quite contradictory to the bar and nightlife entertainment that guests are looking for’

I personally think, it wouldn’t hurt to try this ‘Bi-Polar’ cocktail trend. I would pay extra and feel a bit better to know that my vodka is mixed with 100% organic orange juice from a trusted supplier instead of big GMO orange juice brand.