[![X2 Lombok Senggigi Amanah, Indonesia ](http://d2ij7h45yor56m.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/07064312/X2-Lombok-Senggigi-Amanah-300x166.jpg)](http://d2ij7h45yor56m.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/07064312/X2-Lombok-Senggigi-Amanah.jpg)
X2 Lombok Senggigi Amanah, Indonesia
2014 was a challenging year for businesses in Thailand; however [BHMAsia ](http://www.bespokehospitalitymanagement.com)managed to increase the number of properties under management, resulting in a bigger portfolio with new openings and future projects in Thailand and overseas. BHMAsia established new partnership with the Paris-based [Louvre Hotel Group](http://www.louvrehotels.com/en) and has launched an aggressive expansion plan in Indonesia. As of February 2015 the company has 37 signed properties, with a total room count of over 2,600. Further pipeline deals are under negotiation including another 20 properties with a combined 2,500 rooms. The forecast for end 2015 should see the group with a year portfolio of 57 properties and 5,000+ rooms.

Operational and Platform Development
The company has pulled forward major development work in its sales and IT platform systems to support the rapidly growing portfolio. During 2014 an investment was made in “The Lobby” toolbox and back office suite of management tools for its hotels which will see further development and integration into PMS and third party systems. Further investment in human resources and an enlarged team will see previous bespoke and personal service level retained by the company as it grows.

Alliances and Acquisitions
The success and fame of the company’s brands has brought about many opportunities in 2014 and early 2015. Alliances with system providers, marketing representatives and financial partners are all helping fuel the growth. The company is actively seeking strategic and financial partners to support this plan, and as well as raising funds for its own expansion and development including acquisition of other management companies and international expansion through representation and office establishment.

New openings and larger port folio
BHMAsia opened four properties in 2014 including X2 River Kwai Resort (July), Away Beach Village Pranburi (September), X2 Phuket Oasis Villa (November) and X2 Chiang Mai-South Gate Villa (December) and signed new properties including X2 Hua Hin Oasis Villa (2016), two new properties under a new design driven stylish lifestyle brand which will launch in mid 2015 and seven development projects in Indonesia.
With strong sales and marketing support, the properties under BHMAsia management have gained international recognition and exposure with numerous features in local and international media.

Partnership with Louvre Hotel Group
In August 2014, BHMAsia signed an agreement with Louvre Hotels Group to represent and expand the business of the Golden Tulip brand in Thailand. The objective between both companies is to jointly strengthen the management and the development potential of the brands of both companies in Thailand.

Expansion plan for X2 Design hotel brands in Indonesia
Upon the partnership and cooperation with Louvre Hotels Group, the European group has included the X2 brand to its business expansion plan in Indonesia with the country office in Jakarta. It is expected that ten X2 properties will be signed by the end of 2015. The announcement marks the strong commitment to X2’s global growth following the recent signing of several large hotels in Thailand..