Spas and wellness centers are known to add value to hotels. Today, Akaryn Hotel Group brings the world famous Queen of Facials, ‘Linda Meredith’ brand to Thailand to complete the ultimate luxurious experience during your stay.

The Ayurah Spa is the sole home for the exclusive and sought-after Linda Meredith facial products and treatments in Thailand. Guests can enjoy all the services and products of Linda Meredith at the Ayurah Spa, Aleenta Hua Hin, and at the Ayurah Wellness Center, Aleenta Phuket.

All Ayurah therapists are trained by Linda Meredith and all spas are equipped with equipment of the highest standards, so you can rest assured that you will get world class, consistent service that people all over the world have grown to expect under the Linda Meredith brand. Therapists are trained to analyse your skin and identify skin issues that you might be experiencing, and then devise a treatment that is perfect for your skin type.

Very often when someone in the spa business says they can tell you what problems your skin is experiencing, it’s more of a guess rather than giving a scientific reason – or worse, they will prescribe the same product and treatment regardless of your skin type and issues. Linda Meredith is different. My Linda Meredith therapist noticed that I tended to breathe erratically and sometimes even hold my breath longer than people usually would during the treatment. Instead of taking advantage of me being there and trying to hard-sell me into buying extra skin care products, she just suggested that I drink more water and breathe more deeply and regularly so as to allow more oxygen to run through my system.

Another part we loved about Linda Meredith at the Ayurah Spa was that everything was about providing ‘personalized service’. We all had different issues and we were all taken care of in different ways, each according to our own needs. You may have the same skin type, but it’s not necessarily the same skin problems as someone else. To me, the word ‘luxury’ is all about having things ‘personalized’ just for you. Akaryn Hotel Group has done an excellent job in delivering an amazing luxurious, personalized experience to their guests which is now also exclusive to their brand through the partnership with the Linda Meredith brand.

About Linda Meredith: Also known as the ‘Queen of Facials’, Linda Meredith has worked for the beauty industry for over 40 years. Linda Meredith has clients from all over the world, especially Hollywood ‘A-listers’ including Gwyneth Paltrow , Kate Moss, Nave Campbell, Jude Law, and Madonna