Tanyapohn Throngprasertchai
Tanyapohn Throngprasertchai is based in the US. Apart from studying, she enjoys writing research based articles on industry specific topics. She is fluent in Thai, English, and Mandarin.
Resorts - A New Investment Trend?
Hospitality Investments
Experience Driven Holidays Drive Resort InvestmentEver since the trend of 'experience-driven' holidays started to really become a 'thing', resort assets have remained a star investment among investors. JLL Hotels & Hospitality's Global Resort
Are Independent Properties Still Trumping Famous Franchises?
Hospitality Investments
Whether it is Marriott, Hilton or Hyatt, almost everyone has heard of these famous hotel brands; but, does 'famous' necessarily add up to 'popular'? According to STR in 2009 all regions but North
Melbourne Hospitality Scene: Room for Growth
Hospitality Investments
Victoria, Australia, is currently experiencing record visitor highs and tourism expenditure due to both effective marketing campaigns and diverse tourism offerings. According to the National and International Visitor Surveys, total tourism expenditure increased
Is a Hospitality Degree Worth It?
Tourism contributes up to 10% of the world’s work force according to UNWTO, explaining why many undergraduate and graduate schools are offering hospitality degrees. However, unlike engineering where practical skills taught in
Sri Lanka’s Tourism Industry on the Rise Despite April Incident
After the bombing incident earlier this year, many Western media picked up on the dramatic 57 percent drop in international arrivals to Sri Lanka in June, when compared to June 2018. However, although
It's Time for a New CSR Bandwagon
After a video of a sea turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its nose went viral, the anti-plastic straw movement was born and has ever since become the “go to” CSR. From
Hospitality Design For Success
Guests’ first impressions of a hotel can influence the entire experience of their stay. Therefore, many hoteliers strive to create the “Wow Factor” in order to capture their guests’ interest, potentially creating more
Looking to Increase Operational and Financial Performance? Try Loyalty Programs
Hotel Operations
In this age of e-commerce, many wonder if loyalty programs still have a role to play in the hotel sector. A recent study by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University provides evidence that justifies
Results Are Out! The Post-Millennial View Of Hospitality
Generation Z, the iGeneration, or simply the Post-Millennials – whatever we want to call them, it’s probably time to get to know these emerging travel consumers a whole lot better. Hotelintel.co recently
Creepy or Cool?: Seeker Is Reading the Guests’ Minds
Would guests want their every need to be met at the expense of their privacy? Recently, Le Club AccorHotels loyalty program has just launched Seeker, the latest innovation that measures biometric reactions and
Phuket: An Entertainment Hub For Everyone?
Is Phuket ready to become the new entertainment capital? The island certainly offers many entertainment choices, but most of these are activities that take place at night and are therefore far from ideal
The Danger of Ozone : Are You Killing Your Guests With Pleasant Odors
Once guests arrive to their hotel suite, the bed is perfectly made, the countertop is completely dusted, and the room is filled with a pleasant odor – but is that smell really pleasant? Ozone
Banning Plastic: Have Hotels Got The Wrong End Of The Straw?
A globally trending movement has got hotel groups, such as Hilton, Marriott Hotel Group, and The Park, to ban plastic straws in the belief that doing so will cut the amount of plastic
Hotel Façade Fire Hazards
When hotels are functioning as intended, they are there providing comfortable facilities to their guests so that they can lay back and enjoy the accommodation and amenities. A building’s safety is something