Tanyapohn Throngprasertchai
Tanyapohn Throngprasertchai is based in the US. She enjoys writing research based articles on industry specific topics. She is fluent in Thai, English, and Mandarin.
59 Club Asia Elevates Hospitality Service to Boost Revenue
Hotel Operations
During her golf tournaments, Thai National Golfer Araya Singhsuwan stayed at many and various hotels. To say that she was not impressed is an understatement. What really threw her off was the lack
Vietnam Tourism Ready for Take-off
Before the world was hit by COVID-19, Vietnam was the fastest-growing economy in Southeast AsiaThe days of Vietnam evoking memories of war are fast receding. The Cold War is history, and the story
Up Close and Personal: Punsa Roengpithya
Up Close and Personal
Punsa Roengpithya is the owner of Holiday Inn Express Soi Soonvijai, which he built from the ground up on land his family owns. Having worked in the engineering sector, his strong background in
Traditional Sales Approaches Are Wrong Right Now
Hotel Operations
Sales teams are recommended to re-evaluate their business groups. There is finally light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel, but the road to recovery for hotels will be a long one, and
New Zealand’s Post-COVID Plan Shows How the World Might Look Next
On June 8, 2020, New Zealand finally announced the end of all social distancing requirements and restrictions on businesses. “We are confident we have eliminated transmission of the virus in New Zealand for
Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt - Cleanliness after COVID for Hotel Giants: What it Means to Investors and Guests
It has been over a month since Marriott released its cleanliness policy in response to the highly contagious virus. It formed the Marriott Global Cleanliness Council, consisting of members such as Food Safety
How Are Accor, Minor, Marriott, and Hilton Doing for Q1 2020?
Accor, Minor, Marriott, and Hilton have recently released their 2020 First Quarter Reports. Figure 1 summarizes each hotel group’s revenue and net income. All hotel groups are experiencing a decrease in revenue,
Charity Starts at Home : These Hotels Keep Staff Fed and Employed
While others in the private sector are busy donating masks, groceries and a large amount of money to help cushion the COVID-19 blow, the hospitality industry's charity efforts have been taking a different
Hotels Raising Their Game to Combat Covid-19
The economy is being hit hard by Covid-19, and this is especially true for the hospitality industry. After the full lockdown of major cities, tourist arrivals have plunged like never before in Thailand,
Olympics Postponed: What It Means for Hotels
On Tuesday 24th of March, the Covid-19 pandemic won out. Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the International Olympic Committee agreed to postpone the Olympics to no later than summer of 2021.
All the Solo Ladies: Women-Only Floors Turns into Women-Only Hotels
Solo travel has been trending in recent years, with many tourists choosing to fly half way across the world on their own to be immersed in exotic cultures. But traveling solo can sometimes
Resorts - A New Investment Trend?
Hospitality Investments
Experience Driven Holidays Drive Resort InvestmentEver since the trend of 'experience-driven' holidays started to really become a 'thing', resort assets have remained a star investment among investors. JLL Hotels & Hospitality's Global Resort
Are Independent Properties Still Trumping Famous Franchises?
Hospitality Investments
Whether it is Marriott, Hilton or Hyatt, almost everyone has heard of these famous hotel brands; but, does 'famous' necessarily add up to 'popular'? According to STR in 2009 all regions but North
Melbourne Hospitality Scene: Room for Growth
Hospitality Investments
Victoria, Australia, is currently experiencing record visitor highs and tourism expenditure due to both effective marketing campaigns and diverse tourism offerings. According to the National and International Visitor Surveys, total tourism expenditure increased

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