Pinda Viriyapongsri
Pinda Viriyapongsri is a seventeen-years-old who enjoys playing basketball, film photography, and watching YouTube videos. She enjoys learning about history, and about different cultures.
Integrating Entertainment and Leisure in the 21st Century
Hotel Operations
Imagine a hotel or resort without pools, bars, or a lounge – pretty dull and boring, right? In recent years, in accordance with changing demographics, hotels have been turning towards the target market of
How JW Marriott Bangkok Makes the Perfect Steak
Food and Beverage
Steaks and steakhouses are enjoying unprecedented popularity right now. According to TripAdvisor, more than half of Thailand’s top ten steakhouses are located in hotels. At the top of the list is Nami
The Future of Spa is Here
Hotel Operations
There will always be people who love nothing more than to treat themselves with a massage or a spa session after a stressful day – and this in turn ensures an abundance of spa-related
Chef of the Month: Eric Weidmann
Chef of the Month
A recent winner of ‘Iron Chef Thailand’, Eric Weidmann is an executive chef at Café Claire at the Oriental Residence Bangkok. Eric, who trained at the French School of Cuisine in Nice and
MAX the Lessons from Accor’s New Digital Ecosystem
Hotel Operations
We know Accor is large – but to throw some numbers into the mix, the company currently operates around 2,900 hotels in Europe, spread among approximately 800 different hotel owners of all different
“Skip-Gen”: Perfect for Cross-Generation Bonding
Hotel Operations
Age is just a number. Nowadays people of any age all have an unprecedented ability to travel. In fact, in recent years, multi-generational travel has been gaining popularity, as traveling together as families

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