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Teflon Hospitality: Why Non-Stick Service Doesn’t Cut My Cheese Anymore.
Hotel Operations
It was the year 2001. I had received a fail on a section of my soon-to-be defunct commerce degree, and I remember thinking Hotel Management sounded like a much better idea, a fantasy
Effective Communication in Times of Crisis
Hotel Operations
Article by Giovanni Angelini Unprecedented times call for unprecedented actions and communication is more important now than ever before. This is the time when organizations can make the biggest difference for their customers,
Post Covid-19 Hospitality Design - Begin with Back-of-House
Once a vaccine is available and tourists take their first delicate steps back into travel, the physiological effects of the pandemic will ripple through hospitality design. At first these will be amplified and
Time to Embrace the New Normal
Hospitality Investments
Article by Giovani Angelini Bigger Brands and Commoditization? This global pandemic has created serious financial difficulties for most travel and tourism-related companies/groups. Consequently, the industry will be faced with an increasing number
What Have We Learned From this Fast-Spreading and Deadly Outbreak, COVID-19?
Article by Giovanni  Angelini A pandemic is the most serious destabilizer, by any standard, on the hospitality industry and the most severe damage it can do to put our business to a halt.
Impact of Epidemics and Pandemics on Hospitality
Article by Giovanni Angelini Recent Epidemics and Pandemics ; SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) 2003, origin; Guangzhou-China. No. of worldwide cases; 8,098, No. of casualties;774 (9.6%), H1N1, pdm09 Virus (Swine Flu)
70 Heritage Hotels in Asia Still in Operation
Article by Giovanni Angelini The past few months haven't treated the hotel industry kindly in Asia.  With a combination of political protests, chronic air quality issues and now the Coronavirus pandemic grinding international
A Revenue Leader’s Response in a Crisis: Business Practice
Hotel Operations
The rapid spread of the coronavirus from China and beyond has caused a rapid and sudden halt to tourism throughout Asia. Travel, as a form of luxury expenditure, is often one of the
The Dark Art of Hotel Lighting Design
Star-chitects but no Lighting GodsThere comes a moment in every project when the appointment of the Lighting Designer comes up. It’s usually an awkward moment when the appointment is announced to the
Top-Line Growth with Discipline and Passion
Hotel Operations
Article by  Giovanni Angelini Influencing consumers to book hotels is the ultimate objective of any hotelier regardless of their role or position within the organization. In principle, everyone working in the hotel business
Meet Urban Resort Concepts ' CEO - Markus Engel
Hotel Operations
Recently been awarded as the winner of Corporate Hotelier APAC from Stelliers, Markus Engel, is the successful co-founder and CEO of Urban Resort Concepts (URC). His company’s philosophy ensures that they pay
If It's Broken, Don't Fix It ... Yourself
If you need to renovate your bathroom, a trip to IKEA and a week of DIY makes perfect sense. If you need to renovate your hotel, be aware that the same principles do
The Death of In-Room Marketing
Hotel Operations
By Trent Munday Hotels have had a long love affair with In-Room Marketing. Hotel guests, not so much. For hotels, the captive audience of a guest in a hotel room means they can
How to Convert Travel Dreamers into Bookers at the Start of 2018
Before they are triggered to book a holiday, dreamers need an emotional connection to a destination, says travel trends specialist At this time of year, millions of people all over the
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