James Mabey
Dr. James Mabey is Chief International Business Officer and Managing Director for an international hotel group. When he isn't traveling, he lectures at universities and also enjoys surfing.
Five Common Structural Mistakes in Revenue Management Strategy Deployment
Skills in revenue management are important, but there are few common structural mistakes that are easy to avoid when building revenue management strategies. 1. Reservation management and revenue management are NOT the same
3 min read
What is the Best Strategy to Increase Hotel Occupancy and Revenue?
Hotel Operations
Be clear on your overall objectivesBefore you can decide on a strategy to increase financial performance, you need to have a clear idea of what your objectives are. First of all, in relation
3 min read
Human Resources: Do What Counts Instead of What Gets Counted
Hotel Operations
People are the most important part of the hospitality business. In fact, people are the most important part of almost ANY business – but I still see many companies making some critical errors when
2 min read

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