Brian Greco is a traveler, writer, and student from New York. He is passionate about design and guest experience and enjoys reviewing different properties and cultural dynamics around the world. He h
Hotelier of the Month: Benjamin Krieg of Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20
Hotelier of the Month
Hotel Intel is pleased to announce Benjamin Krieg, General Manager of Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20 as our Hotelier of the Month. This 1-year-old property is making waves in the Bangkok hotel scene and
3 min read
A Winning Recipe for Purposeful Tourism in Thailand with Andre van Der Marck
What is the secret to success in sustainable, purposeful tourism? How do you manage a destination and a company that is driven by purpose but still grow effectively as a business? What is
2 min read
A Closer Look at Hotel Investment in the Maldives
Hospitality Investments
The Maldives, long revered as a paradise getaway among high-end and discerning travelers, is increasingly getting the attention of hotel investors involved in the Asian market. The beautiful environment, geographic proximity, and exotic
3 min read
Creating Excellent Guest Experience: A Conversation with Amari Watergate Bangkok Team (Audio) Podcast
What does it take to create excellent guest experience in Asia? What is going on at the newly updated Amari Watergate Bangkok? What are the elements of a successful multi-cultural and multi-talented team?
4 min read
10 Things Hoteliers Need to Know About Good Branding – with QUO
Hospitality Investments
Long gone are the days where brand means nothing more than a logo or color scheme. Hospitality is a world of brands, and hospitality in Asia brings this to an entirely new scale
3 min read
5 Hot Debates in Hotel Investment Right Now: Review of SEAHIS 2017
The Southeast Asia Hotel Investors Summit 2017 has just passed and in its follow-up lies many new discussions ahead about the future of hotel investment. Insiders and outsiders alike know that markets, technology,
3 min read
Up Close and Personal with Louka Taffin of Le Pirate Beach Club: Creating a Magnetic Millennial Brand
Based in Bali and greater Indonesia, Louka Taffin is a young hotelier in millennial hospitality who is making waves with the unconventional fun, funky vibe of his brand Le Pirate Beach Club. The
3 min read

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