Asian travelers are now open to visiting new places. We are looking to explore new cultures, mingle with locals and try national dishes, and we are willing to spend money to have an extraordinary experience.

Winter cold is evidently no longer an obstacle for Asian travelers, since Visit Finland has noticed rapid growth in the numbers of Asian visitors. Arrivals of sophisticated travelers from Japan, China and Malaysia who are unafraid of the weather are growing and will continue to grow as Visit Finland is promoting the country around Asia.

Visit Finland partners with Finnair to offer direct flights and to ensure greater convenience for travelers; it only takes 7 hours from Beijing to Finland. Visit Finland also works closely with hotel groups such as the Restel Hotel Group (Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn, Cumulus, Hotel Seurahuone, etc) and Santa’s Hotels to make sure Asian travelers get the best of what Finland can offer.

Although the plan is to extend the invitation to more Asian markets, Visit Finland strategically focuses on the current demand so there are Visit Finland and Visit Helsinki offices only in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo for travelers who are interested in discovering Finland. Last year 600,000 travelers visited the country and those figures are expected to increase by 10% this year. In addition the hotel sector is currently enjoying 17% growth from Asian markets.

Visit Finland positively believes that there will be no challenges but only opportunities in the growing numbers of tourists from Asia because of what Finland has to offer. Serving as a gateway to other European countries also helps to attract travelers. Connections through Helsinki offer some of the shortest flight times between Asia and Europe, while St. Petersburg in Russia is only 4 hours from the Finnish capital by train and Tallinn in Estonia is a 3 hour boat trip away.

If you’re a fan of Santa Claus, clean, fresh air or art and architecture, or if you’ve ever wanted to experience the northern lights or the midnight sun at Santa’s Hotels, it’s time to overcome your fear of the winter cold and get out there.

“We don’t try to be anything other than the way we are,” Mirja Haverinen, Sales manager of the Restel Hotel Group said. “What we have can surely attract travelers.”.