devarana dusit 1 When thinking of a luxury stay in Bangkok, we can’t help but think of one iconic hotel in the City of Angels – the Dusit Thani – not only as a beautiful 5 star property with great hospitality and amazing food and beverage outlets, but also as an unforgettable spa experience. Although the Dusit Thani intentionally places an emphasis on showcasing their rich Thai cultural heritage in all of their service standards, you won’t find any Thai clichés in the Devarana Spa. The interior design is nothing like other Thai spas, taking inspiration instead from the concept of Garden in Heaven; the place makes you feel effortlessly beautiful and relaxed, and totally free of worries. Just stepping into the spa makes a huge difference to your mood. Just imagine what the treatment might do for you.

High – Touch, Low –Tech Approach

I personally favor human interactions over technology – it’s something that has been missing in the industry lately. We all try to keep up with technology, and as a result it can be easy to forget that most fundamental aspect of hospitality – a human touch. Devarana takes us back to basics with simple and pleasing-to–the-eye interior design, marine and plant based products, and the finest cold-pressed oil for massage, all delivered with the best of Thai hospitality. “What makes us different is our philosophy of having everything as natural as possible. We use only fresh natural ingredients and the purest spa products for their gentle yet effective solution. And rather than Jacuzzis, we have bathtubs as we want to avoid noisy, mechanical things. The results of treatments are also achieved manually, or through what we call the ‘high-touch, low-tech’ approach, using just the gentle hands of well-trained therapists,” said Sommai Yocapajorn, Director of Marketing Communication at the Dusit Thani Hotel.

Two and a Half Hours in Heaven

All you need is two and a half hours to complete this signature treatment – ‘The Heavenly Nantha Garden’. It starts off in a bathtub with a generous quantity of pink lotus and champaca petals, with essential oils to relax your body and mind for half an hour. I already feel relaxed and this is just the beginning. The treatment then continues with Devarana scrubs to remove dead skin cells and closes with a Devarana massage, which is a combination of the strong pressures of Thai, Ayurveda and Shiatsu techniques, combined with Swedish and aromatherapy influences for the ultimate in relaxation and pampering. I wish this treatment could go on forever; the therapist does an excellent job, the room is gorgeous, and the whole thing just makes me feel amazing.


I would suggest that anyone looking to invest two and a half hours in a spa should come and experience ‘The Heavenly Nantha Garden’ at Devarana Spa. I love how the simplicity of the interior design has such a positive effect, making you feel calm and peaceful without having too many distractions. This spa package is also one I would highly recommend for couples..