AVANI Hotels & Resorts is Minor Hotels’ vibrant and up-scale brand. The ‘Avani’ brand offers relaxed comfort and contemporary style in city and resort destinations. The brand has 17 properties and is growing. This is why Alejandro Bernabé, with 20 years of global hospitality experience, along with years of practical operational and Food and Beverage experience in both city hotels and resort properties, is now a man in charge who will be taking the Avani brand to the next level, as a Group Director of Avani Hotel.

The priority for Alejandro for this year is to make sure that every Avani property is created upon the brand standards that have put in place, and ensure that the properties are consistent in maintaining those standards. Each ‘Avani’ property is built on three pillars.

We pay attention to detail – especially the details that matter. For example, Wifi that works. Our three pillars are ‘Sleep Satisfaction’, ‘Honest Food’ and ‘Living Spaces.

Sleep Satisfaction

“We all need to have good bed, protected from unwanted noise, a good shower.”

Honest Food

“What is ‘honest’ food? That means that if you order steak you should get steak and not something complicated, that requires an explanation.

Living Spaces

“The last one is our living spaces. Guests can work comfortably in our living spaces.  They have been designed to be a common areas where guests can enjoy ‘grab and go’ service.  That is, guests can easily grab a coffee and work, and even hold their meetings there.”

Although these three pillars are fundamental to the Avani brand, Alejandro mentioned that he is not looking to replicate the look and feel identically in each property, as each experience should also be unique, but universally of ‘Avani’ quality.

“To create an excellent experience you need staff that cares. To have that, you need to select a good GM” says Alejandro.

What kind of qualities would be typical of an Avani General Manager?

“Someone that thinks differently. For example, this Avani is attached to a shopping center with access to a convenience store. Guests have access to Starbucks and the Coca restaurant. Are you going to sell coffee or soft drinks at the same price as the shopping mall or higher? We want the GM to be creative, flexible, and can think outside of the box”.

Putting more flags on a map isn’t Alejandro’s priority for this year, however there are two exciting properties that he’s working on:

“We have Lisbon and the Gold Coast opening this year. For Thailand we are working on one more Avani in Samui”