When Ashley Monteiro opened his latest hotel, AHA Smartstay, his background as a hotel wholesaler and specialist in online booking systems gave him a crucial insight into exactly what his new property would need in order to succeed.

The 4-star hotel itself is located in Pattaya on the Gulf of Thailand, and offers 130 minimalist and trendy rooms and suites housed within a three-building low-rise complex constructed around a focal swimming pool. A spectacular glass structure inspired by the sheer limestone cliffs of Phang Nga province rises from the pool, containing a restaurant, sauna, and fitness center.

“When I began our new hospitality venture, AHA Smartstay, we chose Hotelogix because we were looking for a cloud-based PMS that was cutting edge for new generation hotels,” explained CEO Ashley. “I had already explored options which were available in the Thai market but they didn’t suit us.”
When a new hotel opens, there are always a number of challenges which must be overcome; some of these are general, and some are specific to the property or company involved. For AHA Smartstay, the first problem was a total lack of existing data and structure, as the company was starting from scratch, so the cost of installing a new PMS was a potential obstacle, along with the challenge of training staff in its use. The second problem was that the management team was based in Bangkok, while the hotel was two hours away in Pattaya, making control a critical issue.

As Ashley explains, the choice of PMS had to address these issues: “With a traditional PMS, the set-up cost for software and hardware is relatively high. Since AHA Smartstay planned to open its 130-room 4-star property in phases, we did not want to load the costs on right away. With the Hotelogix rental model we paid only for the actual number of rooms being operated so the costs were reasonable.”

When you first open up a new property with a new system, it’s essential that staff know quickly and intuitively how everything works, as Ashley points out. “We wanted a system where staff wouldn’t require much training to be good at using it. With many of the established PMS products, staff require intensive and in-depth training, and if they leave you need to begin the training process all over again.”

The problem of managing the property without actually having to spend most of the working week on site was also something Hotelogix had answers for. “Because all our data sits on the cloud, I can access it from wherever I am. This means I always have most of the data at my fingertips when it comes to decision making,” said Ashley.

“From the very beginning we adopted a technology-based approach,” said Ashley. “Hotelogix allows you to connect via cloud-based channel manager to the OTAs and wholesalers in real time. This makes it really easy to update those OTAs and wholesalers with rates and availability in real time using the dynamic rate structure, allowing us to maximize revenue opportunities.”
Using the Hotelogix PMS means customers also have access to revenue management software and support in website design, providing the opportunity to increase sales. The software creates greater transparency in operating the business, and also provides MIS reports across verticals which can be used to guide strategies and decision-making.

For hoteliers such as AHA Smartstay who need a local PMS provider offering local back-up and support, Hotelogix makes the ideal choice. The latest product offerings are all cloud-based, providing the advantage of being able to manage numerous properties from a single off-site location, and ensuring that OTAs and wholesale rates are managed and updated in real time. And if your business is to succeed in the digital era, finding a partner such as Hotelogix who can handle all your online needs can make a significant difference.