From the Editor

9th Oct, 2020

I was blown away by the article a Robot wrote in the Guardian yesterday. It is very impressive.

I see a lot of potential in how this will shape the future of content marketing. When we create content for advertisers or clients, we have instructions to follow such as incorporating 'keywords' 'meta descriptions' so on and so forth.

But with this technology, there will be no need for clients or us to search for keywords or what people are looking for anymore because this technology understands psychological profiling and persuasion - it will just be automatic and accurate. Founder and Editor in Chief - Wimintra Raj

As it says in our name, brings the intelligence that they need to kick- ass when it comes to designing, building and running hotels and resorts that attract guests, delight them and most importantly help make a tidy profit at the same time.

"We all need to make money right? It’s tough to run a successful hotel. Today’s hoteliers need to have the best available information and insights - and this is where we enter the story. provides quality intelligence to hoteliers without the fluff."

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Some topics have included Millenial Travel Trends, the 'She-conomy' and 'Chindian' (Chinese vs. Indian) Tourism.