Going green has become a priority for the hospitality industry for a number of different reasons in recent times such as cost savings, customer loyalty and more importantly, the impact on the environment.

More and more people are becoming eco-conscious people which has to led to them developing a taste for sustainable travel destinations and hotels. This has also extended to the business sector as well with many corporations implementing booking policies that require their travelling employees to stay in sustainable green hotels.

Here 7 ways that your hotel can play a part in saving the environment with better waste management:

Install Energy Saving Technologies

Most hotel’s environmental impact is a direct effect of excessive consumption-particularly the electricity consumption. Installing energy efficient technologies such as eating and cooling systems, lighting and appliances can make a huge difference to your hotel’s bottom line as well as the environment.

Embrace Recycling

Another huge contributing factor of the hospitality industry on the environment is caused by the huge amount of waste that hotels create. Implementing and following recycling initiatives can have a positive effect in the long run. An example of this is repurposing your old bed sheets into cloth laundry bags or shredding up your paper napkins with in-house industrial paper shredders.

Start Composting

A lot of hotels nowadays have begun composting their food waste rather than simply disposing of it. It is not only a well known and popular green initiative, which will save your hotel’s money on landscaping costs as well as impressing your guests with your efficient waste management strategy.

Encourage Guests to Reuse Linens & Go Green

Implementing linen reuse programs within your hotel is another fantastic way to improve your hotel’s energy and water waste management. Consider encouraging your guests to reuse their bedding, sheets and towels so that your housekeeping can reduce how many times they need using the services of washing machines and electric dryers on a daily basis.

Equip Your Staff with Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Switch out your traditional cleaning supplies with green cleaning products which will help your hotel offer a safer and more natural environment to your guests. A lot of hotels have now opted to use bio-based cleaning products instead of petrochemical-based cleaners and chlorine which can cause some skin irritation as well as polluting the environment.

Limit Water Wastage

Water conservation is particularly important for hotels, which host frequent guests all year round. Water is a limited resource and should be used sparingly. Using excessive amounts of water can lead to the contamination of groundwater if the sewage system happens to overflow.
Saving water also helps in the reduction of energy uses, which also help in saving your money and reduces your costs. You can reduce your water consumption by installing low flow toilets and shower heads along with sink aerators in your hotel rooms can help in reducing any water waste on a daily basis.

Ditch Disposable Amenities

Some basic room amenities that you provide for your guest in your hotel rooms such as coffee, lotion, soap and shampoo can be extremely harmful to the environment. Consider switching to natural and organic toiletries to supplement your hotels with in recyclable or biodegradable plastic packaging. You can also offer these toiletries in bulk dispensers to reduce unnecessary waste as well as switching out your paper and plastic cups for with reusable mugs and glasses.