Let’s cut into the chase and talk about a few things that we could all use as some helpful reminders as we walk in to 2019. Some of these reminders have been contributed by our fellow industry men and women.

My Owner Loves Me

No, they don’t. They love their hotels and their investment. Don’t get too comfortable with the thought that they love you - perhaps because of the fact that they are extremely nice to you. Nothing personal but someone younger, giving more value for money, and who is more manageable might walk through the door any any moment. When that happens, your 100 years of hard work will mean nothing.

Karma is Real.

… and she’s a b*tch. Remember that assistant who you didn’t like? Now, he sits as a VP of that new hotel group that you want a job with - but he won’t hire you because he also doesn’t like how he was treated, and how he saw you treat others. Today’s assistant, Tomorrow’s CEO. Always be nice!

CSR Starts in your Kitchen

Food waste is a much bigger problem than many think. A few of Hotelintel.co Chefs of the Month have been using WinNow to monitor their wastage and be able to identify which items have gone to waste the most. They then are able to save money, and save the planet.

TripAdvisor Isn’t your Enemy

Let TripAdvisor work for you. We all love getting great reviews and awards from TripAdvisor for ‘Service Excellence’. Getting a bad review on TripAdvisor can be devastating not only to our egos, but also to our business and job security. You have to manage it properly. There’s only one thing more damaging than a bad review, and that’s a bad review that is left without an adequate response. Imagine an angry kid screaming at the top of his lungs when he’s unhappy. The more you leave him, the louder he gets; he wants attention; he wants to be heard. Keep him quiet - respond to your bad reviews.

Now TripAdvisor is a go-to source for travelers more than ever with its new features (It has become the Facebook of travelers for travelers). You can’t just choose to love TripAdvisor only when you get an award or good reviews. You have to love it and work with all facets of it.

Twitter Isn’t Dying but Maybe You Are!

I tweeted about a horrible experience at a certain hotel in Penang once. Instead of the hotel replying to a me (yes, I was that screaming kid), their competitor replied and said that they were sorry I had bad experience and hoped that I would get to try their hotel. Eventually I did, and they were right. Their hotel was so much better. They won a new customer.

We humans have a tendency to change brands when life changing event occurs; getting married, getting divorced, having kids, going through some kind of trauma - which includes when we experience something that makes us very angry.

Imagine if you had some happy guests tweet about their fantastic experience at your bar, but it took you four months to notice it and subsequently reply or repost. Don’t be that person. Get on top of your game and reply, or repost while they’re still sitting there at the bar. Make them feel good not only at the bar but also on social media. That could lead to them at a minimum, buying more drinks, or better yet becoming a brand advocate. There are 67 million active users out there; what have you got to lose?

Read and Learn

It came as a surprise to me that most people who read our newsletter are those who claim to be the most busy; General Managers, CEO’s, COO’s and VP’s of Operations. We see much fewer mid-level management setting their time aside for reading and learning. Our industry is growing fast with many more interrupters entering and it would seem that companies aren’t preparing their mid-level employees to be sufficiently vigilant.

Fear not, there are a lot of free online courses on Edx.Org, with many industry specific programmes available for free. Here is your starting point International Hospitality Management.

As a hotelier, what else are you doing to prepare yourself for a bumper year in 2019?