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There are new things that we realise we need to learn everyday, but few of us have the time or luxury of being able to take time out and go back to school and for those in the hotel business, not all hotels have a sufficiently robust training department to cover everything. would like to introduce you to some cool online learning programmes that will be both your hotels and your team members as individuals.  They aren’t time consuming and best of all, they definitely won’t piss off your Financial Controller.

Here are some of our favorite courses and online training for you

1. SEO for SEO Beginners

Instructed by Daragh Walsh , Udemy

This is a course for  beginners. Whether you are a general manager, entry level marketer, or even a PR person, you can take an hour out of your day to learn fundamental concepts of SEO, including how to discover best keywords for your website, and learn how to build more authority in your niche and get the edge on your competitors, ensuring that Google puts you at the top of the search results.

2. Google Analytics

Instructed by Google, Alison

No better way to learn about Google from Google itself and what’s cooler is that when you learn from Alison you get a certificate once you have finished the course. This is an introduction course and you can learn why you should link your AdWords account with a Google Analytics account, identify problems with your site, and decide which markets to enter by using the map overlay report

3. Facebook Marketing

Instructed By Facebook, BluePrint eLearning

Before you hire someone who claim they are Facebook expert ask if they ever learned Facebook from Facebook? Facebook has BluePrint eLearning where you can learn everything about Facebook Ad, Campaigns, Audience insight, Best Practices for Webminar, or even building brand on Facebook and Instagram

4. Glossika Spaced Repetition (GSR) Language Fluency Programmes

Instructed By Mike Campbell, Glossika

The coolest thing about this series course is that it has been developed by a team of extremely talented linguists and polyglots headed by language guru Mike Campbell.  It’s not your standard ‘Rosetta Stone’ language learning app.  Glossika Spaced Repetition (GSR) and Glossika Mass Sentence (GMS) methods are based on extensive scientific research in second language acquisition / learning, and best of all, it teaches you HOW to learn a language too, and when used properly will bring you up to fluency.  Glossika covers over 70 languages and custom language pairs and even customised language ‘triangulation’ courses can be ordered to suit your staff’s mother tongue(s).

5. How to Write an Essay

Instructed By University of California, Berkeley, Edx

From our own experience, we realise that there are a lot of PR people out there who could brush up on their writing skills. Whether or not you are or you aren’t a native English speaker, this course will help you with ‘How to tackle writing introductions and conclusions’, ‘How to write effective sentences and paragraphs’ and you will also become extremely familiar with all the basic grammar terminology that you’re expected to know.  Not many editors are kind enough to fix your press releases up so that they are fit for publishing. Don’t let your next press release end up in the trash-heap – get it right before you send it out. Good press releases reflect your brand!