Things change rapidly in the online world, but right now, at the end of 2017, TripAdvisor continues to go from strength to strength, passing the milestone of 500 million reviews back in April and marching on to the current figure of 570 million published contributions. This makes TripAdvisor by far the largest single source of travel opinions and advice on the internet today.

The latest travel listings amount to more than 7.3 million restaurants, attractions, airlines, and of course hotels.  They can’t all be popular, though, so let’s have a closer look at some of the numbers involved around the world in 2017.

One million reviews is approximately what it takes to become the destination attracting the most attention – and that’s London. For restaurants, the target is a little more manageable at 10,000 reviews, achieved by a bakery in Lisbon, Portugal. To take over top spot on the list of global attractions you’d need around 30,000 reviews to surpass the remarkable Sagrada Familia in Barcelona – and just imagine how many reviews it might attract when it’s actually finished.

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**Most reviewed hotel***Hard Rock Hotel, Punta Cana**Amari Phuket*
**Most reviewed attraction***Sagrada Familia, Barcelona**Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha Temple, Bangkok)*
**Most reviewed eatery***Pasteis de Belem, a bakery in Lisbon, Portugal**Hard Rock Café Phuket*
**Most reviewed destination***London**Bangkok*
**Most booked hotel***Boston Park Plaza, USA**Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok*
**Most booked attraction***Burj Khalifa, Dubai**Krabi Sunset Cruises*

All-in-all, around 820,000 properties worldwide received their very first TripAdvisor review in 2017, while in Thailand the number of new listings picking up their first review was 7,608. Thai reviewers have been prolific on their travels, however, managing to review more than 129,000 different locations around the globe. They still have a long way to go to match the Japanese, though, who on average managed to write more reviews in 2017 than any other nationality.

Reading between the lines of those 570 million reviews there is one final tip for those travelers who like to escape the crowds. With just 17 reviews since January this year, the country flying furthest below the radar was Eritrea – so get over there quick before the hordes discover it. You know it’ll never be the same again.