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With so many hotels throughout Southeast Asia taking on the title ‘Boutique’, it’s hard to know what to expect when checking into a ‘Boutique Hotel’ these days. Miners Hospitality Founder and CEO Mendes Cavin speaks with Wimintra Jangnin and Hotelintel.co about how Miners is redefining ’boutique’ and shows what can be done when quality of…


What keeps the CEO’s and Vice Presidents of Thailand’s largest international hotel brands up at night?  How have Thai brands managed to remain resilient both domestically and international despite both turmoil at home and branding challenges abroad?  

In this Intel Talk interview for Hotelintel.co, we speak with veteran international Hotelier Mr. Danai Wansom. Danai cut his teeth in Thailand, working with some of the top names in the business including Hyatt and then continued onto Hong Kong where he expanded his reach and influence in the Hotel business, working for the Century…